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Fabio Frangipane - Personal Trainer Zug

personal trainer

The next generation of fitness power







Fabio Frangipane

Personal trainer in Zug
for over 15 years

As a passionate fitness and health expert, I highly value exercise, healthy nutrition, and a strong mental state. Fitness and strength training have become my passion. For over 15 years, I have dedicated myself to the knowledge of physical and mental well-being and I am delighted to share this knowledge with other individuals like yourself. As a successful personal trainer in the Canton of Zug, I understand how to empathize with you, respect your limits, and build mutual trust. Together, we will reach your peak physical and mental performance.

I will take you to
a new fitness level

my motivation

Maximum fitness
maximum health

Movement, healthy nutrition, and mental strength are the key to good health and maximum well-being for me. It is my calling to motivate and support other individuals during their transformative journey towards personal MAXIMUM WELL-BEING. My extensive experience is reflected in every personal training session, which is always perfectly tailored to your needs and goals. I will always bring out the best in you, push you to your personal limits, and teach you how to unleash your hidden potential.

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