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Personal Training Zug - Fabio Frangipane

personal training

Reach your personal peak performance

personal training
in the canton of Zug

Maximum fitness & maximum health

As your certified personal trainer in the Canton of Zug, I am here for you at FF Personal Coaching, providing you with my comprehensive expertise, years of experience, and undivided attention. In my personalized coaching program, you are the focus, and the personal training is perfectly tailored to your needs and goals. I believe in not only physical fitness but also mental strength and inner balance.

Get to know me and my methods during a complimentary trial session.







full body
strength training

Strength & Stability

Full-body strength training is an excellent way to achieve your personal fitness goals, whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or simply stay fit. As your personal coach, I will accompany and advise you, answer your questions, and help you reach your maximum well-being. Together, we will define your goals, strengthen your mental focus, and reflect on your progress. With state-of-the-art training methods and the latest insights from sports science, you can expect effective and varied personal training sessions.


Free 60-Minute Trial Session


athletic training

Peak performance

Athletic training is the perfect personal training program for optimal competition preparation, achieving personal performance goals, or pushing yourself to your physical limits. With a thorough assessment of your current condition and goals, I ensure that you efficiently and in the best health condition reach your performance enhancement objectives.

My personal training
brings out the best in you


Endurance & Cardio fitness

Running training not only strengthens your core and leg muscles but also supports your cardiovascular system and significantly improves your endurance. With an individualized training plan and careful analysis of your performance level, this personal training is suitable for everyone. Whether you're a rookie or an athlete, running training will keep you fit and enhance your personal performance capacity.

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I take the time to address your individual questions and concerns and accompany you on your journey towards a healthy, active lifestyle.

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